Sunday, May 27, 2012

The benefit of good music to men

Kartikey Sehgal

The benefit of listening to a good musician lies in the pleasure of not bothering to ‘change the number’. You are assured that none of his songs would be bad. They would adhere to standards, and the worst song would at least be of a standard that makes you call it ‘less-good’ than the others.

You don’t have to keep changing the music or go repeatedly towards the machine that is playing you the songs. For instance, J S Bach’s orchestral works [for the uninitiated, here is a very popular movement (youtube, audio only)] give you great delight as they hardly make you scamper and change any of the musical movements; there is no bad movement, there is no bad music.

You can, as an example of course, talk to a girl whilst Bach plays in the same room - I am assuming a closed space for romantic purposes. If the girl is of some wisdom, then she will not ask you to ‘change the music’ or ‘what shit is this’ - both statements implying that you are now permitted to ask the girl to leave the room or to dump her in the nearest water-body. For if she can’t appreciate or at least make peace with good music, then she can never live with you. She is not worth your time. And Bach is good music. I need not say that it would be a tragic phenomenon if you left Bach for the girl and had children with her. They would surely be crazy and grow up and kill you.

Slovakian way of treating girls who don't like
good music. 

Let me assure you that we don’t keep good music, especially good classical music, as the background to any event in life. We don’t consider it as an appendage to hotel lobbies and restaurants where music is played to often fill out the space; so that if the patrons are bored in conversations, they can catch a tune and sway to it, and thereby stay in the place and waste more of their time and money.

No. Music lovers, and real men, use music to relax - surely - and to immerse themselves in any circumstance that life doles out. Imagine. You are sweaty and bothered that your perspiration levels will cause people around you to shun you as an outcast. You are uncomfortable only till the time your well-trained ears catch a tune of Mr. Bach that some blessed soul has played - imagine it’s a lobby and you are appearing for an interview.

Now that good music has given you company, you care little for that pretty woman in tight braids who is constantly walking across the room, or any of those stern looking future colleagues of yours. You have immersed your self in the music. Music has reminded you that you have worth and imagination. That life is varied and ever-changing, that whether you win or lose today, it does not matter much. Great musicians die. Music lives. But it does not revive the musicians. You have more thoughts, all of which are superior to the fear of being sweaty.

Because of good music-listening habits, you will feel comfortable while waiting for an interview, while traveling in buses and trains and heat and sweat. You have served music and music has served you well. You are friends with an art form. You can live a good life.

This is the benefit good music has on your mind. You are assured of quality, and you become quality. Your mind has the ability to leave aside smaller thoughts.

I need not say that this requires training and practice. Or very good genes. For there are many-a-men that sway their heads to songs and music that are fit to be dumped in that water-body along with that girl you threw some time back, who now threatens to book you for assault. I say, carry Bach when you go to prison.

and show this portrait to the prisoners, who will shiver in fear.

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