Sunday, February 24, 2013

Secret transcript of how the government handled the Hyderabad blasts


In some Government place, high officials talking about the Hyderabad blasts to 'Sir'. Insert your own politicians.

1 - Sir, let it be. As such they are not interested in the people who died. Aadat si ho gayi hai.

2 - And then, it's regular now, a bunch of Muslims will bomb the Hindus and others. If anything says anything against religion then it is communal. The trick is old now.

1 - Problem will be when the reverse happens, when some saffron wallas start killing the Muslims and others. Then I will have too much job banning things and people on facebook.

2 - If we shut our eyes, then things will go away.

1 - Aur kya. Indian Mujahiddeen not come from Mars sir, I mean they are people, many Indian people.

Sir - So Indian Muslims are coming under the terrorist spell.

1 - Always Sir. But who cares about stopping them? If people are not interested then why should we?

2 - Yes Sir, why should we put ourself in a coal mine when all we will get is coal and no diamond?

1 - Unless coal gives us money Sir.

2 - Of course.

Sir - So naturally, people have to have the balls to identify that Muslims are falling under the spell, that if they are not participating, then many like Owaisi, are supporting terrorism in the name of religion.

1 - Wow Sir you are talking like someone smart.

2 - But such a thought is beneficial only for nation, not for pockets. And it is tough Sir.

1 - You know what is easy?

2 - Let us prey on Narendra Modi.

1 - Let us just bypass these blasts and soon public will forget it. Then let's quietly bring Modi into the picture again.

2 - If God is kind, then he will do or say something stupid and we will win again Sir.

1 - I am toh desperately hoping there is some blast in Ahmedabad so we can pinpoint him.

Sir - That will be awesome. But where is God kind on us?

(with inputs from Kartikey Sehgal)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why don't you protest against the following?


A guy raises his voice against Islamic sects - is murdered. Hacked first, then killed. He was a Muslim. So why don't Indian Muslim groups protest against his murder. Scared much? 

Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam, despite having a Muslim as a hero, is threatened by Muslim groups, conveniently referred to as extremist Muslim groups. So why don't the majority 'moderate' Muslim groups protest and overturn this. On the streets. Scared much?

An all-Muslim, all girl band got threatened in Kashmir. The girls got shifted to Tamil Nadu for protection. So why don't the secular Hindus and peace-loving Muslims protest against it. On the streets? Scared much?

Why don't peace loving Muslims, and secular facebook Hindus protest against the attacks on Kurt Westergaard? Because he drew cartoons on Mohammed? Surely, the secular sort realise that this does not merit a death sentence? 

Why don't peace loving Indians, Hindus and Muslims, ask for Pakistan to stop the persecution of Shia Muslims? Is it because India is Sunni dominated? Or are we scared-much?

If we don't protest against the following, we have no rights to protest against the easy-targets, aka the Hindu people, namely the RSS and the ilk. 

After all, we can't be bloody shameless hypocrites?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Unless you are rich, India does not care about you mistreatment

C S Jacob

[Published verbatim, unedited]

A group of 10 migrants returned to Andhra Pradesh from the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, availing the amnesty declared by the government. This batch is the latest among several such groups of migrants returning home over the past few weeks with financial help from NRI donors in UAE and USA, and members of NRI associations in India.

When it is a question of arrest of an Indian student in Australia or action against of an Indian couple in Sweden, there is so much of protests and TV discussions in India, demanding intervention by the govt.

But in case of poor labourers, by whose hard work in the Gulf countries the country earns tens of thousands of crores of rupees every year, there is no sympathy to their ill treatment, either by the public or by the govt.

Apparently there is no system by the embassies for redressal of grievances of the Indians working in those countries. In India the govt gives royal treatment to foreigners who have committed murder and even allow them to leave the country to enjoy Christmas with their families in Italy, as done in case of marines who killed Indian fishermen.

It is a shame that those poor workmen have to depend upon the contributions from benevolent individuals/ organisations for the cost of airfare to return home, instead of the govt footing the bill. The contribution of the NRI workmen in the Gulf countries is not recognised by the public as well as by the govt. It is fair that they were given even treatment at par with those working in other countries.

Sourced from a comment on the TOI website.

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Brief Note to Kamal Haasan



No Sikh, Jain, Buddhist or any member of the Sanatana Dharma protested like this when you questioned/referred/mocked Hindu tenets in your various other films. Yet you say that India is not a secular state. 

I sincerely hope that your Muslim supporters, whom you are left addressing as 'My Muslim brothers' in almost every interview, will come out in the open, in public space, and support your cause. 

It is precisely the absence of this open support from them that has you uttering that India is not a secular state, and that has you threatening to leave the country. 

Often, in the fear of being called communal, we forget the bigheartedness of the majority religious population, and also the actual minority populations that make up your fan-base. 

I hope that your shock and emotional-ness comes from the actual relaisation of secular - a term used for vote-bank politics under the garb of peace and harmony.

We don't agree ideologically, but you are a great actor. 

Your admirer,