Sunday, May 13, 2012

What people do at an auto-expo

Kartikey Sehgal

On being asked what 'what people do at an auto-expo', and not willing to speak, I wrote the following on some napkins: 

let us go to an auto expo
scratch our chins
and act informed.

like in a fashion show,
which is a gift to hypocrisy
where we watch the models
but ogle at the fabrics

let us discuss 
engines and powers - 
not of the model,
who sashays around the bonnet
moving hers in style, - 
but of the car

let us take photos of the machine
and once in a while tilt the camera,
and act in despair,
for the car's curves
have been lost
to the model's.

let us hate
the objectification of women
as we point out 
to the model
and again
while talking - 
'what have those creamy thighs
with a few minute moles on them
which are admittedly juicy
got to do 
with cars.
do aroused men buy more cars?'

a few lines about women issues
let us then walk...

let us then walk to the model
and ask - 
'excuse me, who can give me more information?'
staring at her face,
and as she points out the person,
stealing glances
here and there.

Then when a representative asks,
'may I help you'
you go to the washroom instead.

let us go to an auto expo
where you can't afford a single car




natbas said...

This is a post i can relate to :)

Thanks Kartikey

Kartikey Sehgal said...

I see. [smiles]