Thursday, November 29, 2012

We are jealous of Sachin Tendulkar


We want the great Sachin Tendulkar to quit because we are jealous of him. He is not failing enough. People who climb up must fall down so we can feel that there was no use going up in the first place. You will only fall harder. Then we will be happy about our non-achievements.

Then, since we are romantic and use it as an excuse to cover our tracks in life, we hate the player who doesn't do that. Sachin doesn't waste time in interviews and controversies. We hate that. He actually works hard and gets laid on the field. We don't like that. We do not want to work that hard. Better if it is proven that Sachin has God-like qualities. Then we can say - it's all luck. And feel good.

In all of his recent 10-12 innings, we see a man who fails to score despite having the temperament and the timing. We see persistence despite failures. We hate that. If only he would hang his head in shame and instead of working hard, make a statement that 'I am quitting for the sake of my country', we would applaud his selflessness.

We are not good with hard-work. We want to make noise. Feel like specialists.

We don't know what in Sachin makes him unable to score runs. So we use the term loosely - reflexes are slowing, the eye does not catch the ball, the heart says yes but the body says no.

Fact: Indians never knew why they liked the man in the first place. He scores runs, and while everyone around him fails, he persists and falls, we feel glorious.

We don't know cricket. We never gave a damn about backfoot drives and flicks. They were words to throw around and not understand.

We have failed Sachin in proving ourselves incapable of intelligence.

He has not failed. He has played cricket and he will retire rich. He had done what he wanted to. Something most Indians will never boast of.

Hence, it is easy to criticize Sachin.

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