Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bollywood is Backward

Miss Ruth

Indian (Bollywood) film culture is backward. It survives on the cult of some sort of hero-worship. Make no mistake, there are two kinds of cultures.

  1. Avid Movie Culture: Mostly Europe and parts of America. Don't know about Russia and others. These people love cinema. They are not over dependent on commercial stakes. A movie is good if it's good. They are often called the elites and can be seen at Cannes and Berlin and other festivals.
  2. Commerce Movie Culture: Mostly America and parts of Europe. Don't get me wrong here. You find either cultures in every country. Bur America rules the pack. Brad Pitt wanting to work in a Bollywood film is one such example. India grabs the eyeballs, hence you'll see an increased interest among international celebrities. Oh and last heard, Paris Hilton was in town. For more than a night.

India is all eyeball culture. Hence my Indian friends, and I admit most of them are educated and resent Indian cinema. It's okay for once-in-a-while fun. It's okay if you are a sadist and need to laugh out loud over silliness. But even daily comedians become a chore!

But Bollywood is repeated silliness. The thrust is on pocketing the money of the masses. Or the 'whistle blowers' as my friend informs me. the ones who want some violent or sensual titillation and will spend on it.

India (Bollywood) will get success and riches, but at the cost of respect. As more Indians are educated, they will be attracted more to better films that come out of the world, than their own films.

What I find truly pathetic about this country is that they don't promote their own culture in their films. Maybe the 'whistle blowers' ought to demand better.

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