Sunday, February 24, 2013

Secret transcript of how the government handled the Hyderabad blasts


In some Government place, high officials talking about the Hyderabad blasts to 'Sir'. Insert your own politicians.

1 - Sir, let it be. As such they are not interested in the people who died. Aadat si ho gayi hai.

2 - And then, it's regular now, a bunch of Muslims will bomb the Hindus and others. If anything says anything against religion then it is communal. The trick is old now.

1 - Problem will be when the reverse happens, when some saffron wallas start killing the Muslims and others. Then I will have too much job banning things and people on facebook.

2 - If we shut our eyes, then things will go away.

1 - Aur kya. Indian Mujahiddeen not come from Mars sir, I mean they are people, many Indian people.

Sir - So Indian Muslims are coming under the terrorist spell.

1 - Always Sir. But who cares about stopping them? If people are not interested then why should we?

2 - Yes Sir, why should we put ourself in a coal mine when all we will get is coal and no diamond?

1 - Unless coal gives us money Sir.

2 - Of course.

Sir - So naturally, people have to have the balls to identify that Muslims are falling under the spell, that if they are not participating, then many like Owaisi, are supporting terrorism in the name of religion.

1 - Wow Sir you are talking like someone smart.

2 - But such a thought is beneficial only for nation, not for pockets. And it is tough Sir.

1 - You know what is easy?

2 - Let us prey on Narendra Modi.

1 - Let us just bypass these blasts and soon public will forget it. Then let's quietly bring Modi into the picture again.

2 - If God is kind, then he will do or say something stupid and we will win again Sir.

1 - I am toh desperately hoping there is some blast in Ahmedabad so we can pinpoint him.

Sir - That will be awesome. But where is God kind on us?

(with inputs from Kartikey Sehgal)

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