Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Unless you are rich, India does not care about you mistreatment

C S Jacob

[Published verbatim, unedited]

A group of 10 migrants returned to Andhra Pradesh from the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, availing the amnesty declared by the government. This batch is the latest among several such groups of migrants returning home over the past few weeks with financial help from NRI donors in UAE and USA, and members of NRI associations in India.

When it is a question of arrest of an Indian student in Australia or action against of an Indian couple in Sweden, there is so much of protests and TV discussions in India, demanding intervention by the govt.

But in case of poor labourers, by whose hard work in the Gulf countries the country earns tens of thousands of crores of rupees every year, there is no sympathy to their ill treatment, either by the public or by the govt.

Apparently there is no system by the embassies for redressal of grievances of the Indians working in those countries. In India the govt gives royal treatment to foreigners who have committed murder and even allow them to leave the country to enjoy Christmas with their families in Italy, as done in case of marines who killed Indian fishermen.

It is a shame that those poor workmen have to depend upon the contributions from benevolent individuals/ organisations for the cost of airfare to return home, instead of the govt footing the bill. The contribution of the NRI workmen in the Gulf countries is not recognised by the public as well as by the govt. It is fair that they were given even treatment at par with those working in other countries.

Sourced from a comment on the TOI website.

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