Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why don't you protest against the following?


A guy raises his voice against Islamic sects - is murdered. Hacked first, then killed. He was a Muslim. So why don't Indian Muslim groups protest against his murder. Scared much? 

Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam, despite having a Muslim as a hero, is threatened by Muslim groups, conveniently referred to as extremist Muslim groups. So why don't the majority 'moderate' Muslim groups protest and overturn this. On the streets. Scared much?

An all-Muslim, all girl band got threatened in Kashmir. The girls got shifted to Tamil Nadu for protection. So why don't the secular Hindus and peace-loving Muslims protest against it. On the streets? Scared much?

Why don't peace loving Muslims, and secular facebook Hindus protest against the attacks on Kurt Westergaard? Because he drew cartoons on Mohammed? Surely, the secular sort realise that this does not merit a death sentence? 

Why don't peace loving Indians, Hindus and Muslims, ask for Pakistan to stop the persecution of Shia Muslims? Is it because India is Sunni dominated? Or are we scared-much?

If we don't protest against the following, we have no rights to protest against the easy-targets, aka the Hindu people, namely the RSS and the ilk. 

After all, we can't be bloody shameless hypocrites?

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