Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Delhi Rape and the bias against Gujarat


I was not entirely wrong when I said that Narendra Modi will not win many, many seats in Gujarat. I was right when I stated that media houses would work against him. How long can the man stand the bias?

Let's look at Gujarat in view of the recent protests against the gang-rape in Delhi. Apart from statistically praising him from time to time, more often the media is out with stories claiming that Gujarat is not that safe for women. Never mind that many have called it among the safest places for women in India. Never mind that women in large numbers say the same.

Read this paragraph by The Times of India: (Police need to get over Gujarat is safe for women' tag: NGOs)

"I saw a girl being harassed on the city road in the afternoon. There was no policeman in the vicinity, the crowd came to the girl's rescue but the teaser fled. This is the stark reality of the city considered safe for women where women can be raped on the main road in broad daylight," said Pathak.

So a crowd of Gujarati men and women rescues a girl from harassment - as opposed to Delhi and Mumbai where rapes on packed trains and slums go without much interference from the crowd - and Mr. Pathak from the story has a problem with that. 

We don't even know if his story is true and whether it's embellished. Even as a make-believe story, media takes every chance to bring the citizen down and speak anti-Modi, who has just won a historic reelection. 

Here's a more recent one from DNA: (Women in Gujarat aren’t safe: Anita Verma)

“The situation of women in Gujarat is worse than in Delhi or any other city,”

That' how the story starts.

While nothing untoward happened in Gujarat like in Delhi, here's a fact-list of toppers on crimes against women. How often do you read these states being investigated/written about as much as Gujarat?

Crime against women: Hyderabad not far behind Delhi [link]

West Bengal tops chart in crime against women [link]

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