Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thank you, Kartikey

Two or three days after a friend had stumbled upon this blog, and with annoyed surprise, asked me how long I've been posting here, it was a happy coincidence that Kartikey resumed writing in his blog - and posts from his site, found their way here. Thanks, Kartikey.

Though I had studied English at school, and have read a considerable number of books, I rarely get a chance to talk to anyone in English. For all practical purposes, it is very much the language of books. Since I started to write in Tamil a couple of years back, I find it very difficult to put my thoughts in English. I've been writing less and less, and have come to a stop. Time is a big constraint, though.

Kartikey's posts here are gentle reminders to me to resume, and I am naturally grateful for his presence in this blog. Seeing his posts recently, I feel it is important that I should acknowledge how much his posts mean to me.

So here it is.

Better days might yet come.

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Kartikey Sehgal said...

Thank You, Baskar.
Hope to read you soon.