Monday, December 10, 2012

Making girls into 'items'

Miss Ruth 

Yes, please ask your daughter/s to dance to - "Sounds of ooh and aah come from all over my body." 

By now, I am well aware of the various item songs in the film industry, and their numero uno lovers, young boys and girls, who love to tell each other - "I have taken ill-reputation, for you my darling." 

What will unite these young girls, barely seven or ten is the sisterhood of sluttiness. And a la girls in UK and USA, the world will be one closer family with unwed mothers and teen pregnancies. 

I am amazed at how Indian people who eat little and wear little will spend on entertainment that is surely going to add to their woes. The real problem is this: corresponding to the influx of all these raunchy songs, there are la few good songs in the market. And to add to that these good songs are not marketed well. Every movie, including kids' movie, is centred around dumbing it down for the kids to understand.

So a film on Hindu God Hanuman will have them shaking their booty while singing screaching songs, which are basically mild versions of item songs. 


Item Song -- Commercial Film
Mild Item   -- Family Film
Item Song -- Kids' Movies



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