Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear Big Town-Indians, the world is bigger than you think


Yes, there is the regional media that informs most of the people in the country. Then, the organisations and people you dislike are loved by these regional-dwelling, poor but actual-Indians. They don't really depend on you.

The city Indians like to talk of RSS and BJP as if the survival of these parties depends on the facebook status-updates of the 20 percent minority. That is, if they realise that they are the minority. Hundreds of email messages don't make the majority.

I don't think that women all over India will support the sudden sprout of feminism and underwear-activism. The media may try its best giving coverage to girls who flaunt middle fingers and bras at the rest of the country. The media may even succeed, but not so soon.

The problem lies in the mindset of thinking conservative women as oppressed. If a woman wears a sari, she must be sad. Unless the sari is worn on mondays and skirts on tuesdays. This is the stupid policy many modern-Indians are falling prey to. 

We are a conservative nation. And the protestors in smaller towns won't behave like the ones in Delhi. They won't show their middle finger or make banners stating that skirts are cool. No. Maybe they don't want to wear skirts. They like to listen to their elders. Maybe they will protest from 4-6 p.m. It is silly to see 'modern' Indians talk like they are the nations' leaders. It is the curse of facebook. It makes people seem bigger than they are. And facebook is up there with media outlets.

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