Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No Muslim organisation spoke against Owaisi and Azad Maidan, but they want to ban a pro-India film


Owaisi wanted Hindus to be killed, no Muslim organisation said a word. In a feature film, Al Qaeda is shown to be Muslim, they want the film to be banned. Which country are we in? [link to film article]

More importantly, why are we scared to say this openly? Does it mean we are communal or non-seculars? I'll tell you what it means if you don't say it openly. It means you are cowards. And as cowards, you have no right to complain about the nation's affairs.

We speak of peace and harmony in our country not out of a real desire for them but out of fear of riots and loss of personal life. In turn, we agree to live like cowards. Always scared some war will be upon us. Until one day, a section of population decides that enough is enough and takes to arms resulting in bloodshed. Indians wait for such times.

It's a shame that Mumbai muslims broke the Amar Jawan memorial in Mumbai (pictured), but we hardly heard condemnations from people of any religion. And not to the same extent we hear about other religions' wrongdoings.

The muslims who cheered for Owaisi and who desecrated the Amar Jawan Memorials are non-Indians. They should be treated thus. For the sake of Hindus, and for the sake of the actual peace-loving Muslims.

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