Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Your cowardly silence on what's happening in Hyderabad


You are scared. You don't want to confront the people who hate you. You don't want to call them terrorists. You are scared.

When will you show your courage? When, instead of MIM and the we-hate-India islamists, you will have someone from RSS make a speech or say naughty words. Then you will post facebook statuses, and gain popularity among your cowardly bretheren. 

For over a decade, you will hound the chief minister of india's most prosperous state and call him names. But you will not for a day condemn those you privately hold as villians of society. 

And then you wonder, why your voice is never heard. Why you are ignored. 

Maybe because the rest of the country, whom you hold as idiots, or communal, doesn't hold your views as prominent. They don't have the luxury of pseudo-facebook-courage. They keep quiet out of fear of life. When and if they finally protest, you will be ready with your keyboard and type out about how bad and communal they are. Then you will wish that you get 'likes'.

That's how sorry your life is. That's how sorry the life of all cowardly people is. 

Image coutsey: Wikinut

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