Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Delhi Rape and Feminism

Miss Ruth

There is a term for the brouhaha that has accompanied the gang-rape of the unfortunate Delhi girl. The term is prevalent in what Indians like to call the 'western society'. The term is feminazi-ism. 

While India celebrates this trend, it is already a failure in my place. So much so that many modern women are cursing the philosophy. While women need to be free and independent, they don't need man-hating movements that talk about punishing men and creating fear in young minds.

One of my fascinations with Hindu culture has been the place accorded to women within the masculine framework. But I realise that I am more serious than many of my Hindu friends and in a few months know more than all of them! So they are surprised to hear me speak about the ills of feminism. I surprise them further by asking them to just open the internet and broaden their knowledge-base!

I wonder if the poor girl who died was a feminist? I hope that the movement for womens' safety does not become a feminist movement. Look London!

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