Sunday, January 13, 2013

You wrote against Swamy, so why not protest against Owaisi?


You threw fire on Subramanian Swamy when he pointed out a scientific fact about Muslims having Hindu ancestors [Link: How to wipe out Islamic terror]. Why don't you protest, make fun of or bite the traitor Owaisi who spoke of annihilating the race of Hindus? Do you have a spine?

Maybe it is beneath of you to talk about such people. Or maybe you are scared this might have repurcussions and in your weakness you are comfortable waiting for another man to do the protesting. What if Swamy raisies weapons against this man? Then would you again write about him in your blog posts because as a Hindu, he is an easy target?

Many of you do the same for Narendra Modi. I am surprised because despite everything, if you go to Gujarat you will only be welcomed and not hunted down for your views. Try going to Charminar in Hyderabad and telling them that you hate Owaisi. You will understand real secularism.

By the way, if you are living in denial, then let me remind you that 17 year olds wrote against Swamy's article and Harvard university asked him to leave his popular course he taught to much acclaim. And cases were filed against him by educated secular Hindus, and petitions made and all that.

Where are the same for Owaisi? Is secularism another word for cowardice?

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