Friday, January 4, 2013

Three Dangerous Indians of 2012


These are Indians you can't learn from. They don't know India, they hate her, and they hate themselves. They exploit you and... let's just get on with them and finish this long-pending story. Do your own image search.

* Girish Karnad - Girish Karnad thinks that Indians don't read books. So he can get away with any nonsense he can spout. But wait, maybe you don't read?

As per Girish, us non-book-reading Indians are of two types: communal and secular. And to make sure he is in the limelight, he exploits that part of you; he asks you if you are a secular like him or a communal like a V S Naipaul.

As per Girish, nobel laureate Naipaul ... read it here.

Basically Naipaul is communal and non-secular. And because he is not fond of Muslim contribution to India, he doesn't know India.

Now, you, the readers, the Indians. If you have been brought up on school-books and NCERT nonsense, then you won't probably know Maharana Pratap but would sing praises of Akbar the Great. To you I say, rise, and read the Indian versions of texts. To understand how outdated the great playwright Karnad is, here is a christian foreigner on the issue. And please note that Vijayanagar stands as an important debate point for us Indians. Read it and find out what lies you have been fed till now. An exciting excerpt:

As is all too common in Nehruvian-secularist discourse, Dalrymple’s analysis of the role of Islam in India stands out by its superficiality. Whenever a Hindu temple or a Muslim festival is found to employ personnel belonging to the opposite religion, secular journalists go gaga and report on this victory of syncretism over religious orthodoxy. Secular historians including Dalrymple do likewise about religious cross-pollination in the past.

* MIM's Akbaruddin Owaisi - The terrorist. More dangerous than your Ajmal Kasab.

Owaisi and his supporters are a threat to Hindus and peace loving-Muslims. The problem with peace loving Muslims is that they won't come out publicly against him.

This man wants to finish of Hindus in India. He is a slap on democracy. And a slap on those Indians who still think Narendra Modi is a danger to India. A tight slap on your cowardly faces.

A tighter slap on media channels who won't cover this issue in detail for it is - indecent. And because such people should not be given publicity. Cowards.

Tomorrow if an RSS member sneezes, it would make front page news. And media would be thankful.

* Meena Kandasamy - She'd be very happy to be here. On any list. It's her dream to be abused. She is like a heroine. She want's the Nobel or something. If you search this website, you'd know that she is a feminist who can't identify the men in her life. Here's an excerpt from this article on The Young India, or rather read it entirely here.

Meena knows that Indians love drama and drama queens. And she is a a top-notch drama queen. The kinds who claim great suffering so as to get media attention. Watch out, she is the next Arundhati Roy in line. All the awards are hers.

Folks, there should be a list of great Indians as well. Soon. Till then, watch out and stay away from these 'apparent Indians'.

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